Retouching, Restoration & Colorization

We offer full-service retouching and restoration of photos. From scanning in old paper photos, to extensive editorial design, we can do it all. We'll treat your precious memories with the utmost of care and respect to make sure they are protected at all times during digitization, and return them to you safely. We also offer beauty retouching on existing photos. Check out some examples below featuring some of our extensive digital work.

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Our rates for retouching start at $49 per photo, depending on the level of work. Request a quote for an accurate price on your project!

We get asked often what certain terms mean and what is included in the service levels we provide. Here are some answers for you:

Retouching - often called "photoshopping" is most often used to refer to beauty retouching, for headshots, fashion, or other editorial photos. Sometimes it's more extensive creating composited environments and special effects.

Restoration - always refers to taking an old, often damaged photo, and "restoring" it to an improved condition. This doesn't always mean the original condition but that's the direction and goal. Most often it involves removing scratches, dust, and correcting fading.

Pricing and Service Information:

Here's some information about what you can expect from our retouching or restoration services. Please note: all prices are for information only and are not a formal price list. Please request a quote for your project to find out exactly what it cost.
Type of Service What's Included Estimated Price
Retouching (Per image)
Basic Beauty Retouching
  • Fix flyaway hair
  • Basic skin blemishes and discoloration
  • Fix wrinkles, fuzz, stains, etc in clothing
Starting @ $49
Full Beauty Retouching All of the above plus:
  • Extensive facial and skin retouching
  • Digital makeup enhancement
  • Hair enhancements
  • Reshaping
Starting @ $99
Recomposition Changing the photo setting, environment, and framing.

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Special Effects Defying reality!

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Basic Restoration
  • Round trip courier of photo(s) or,
    • insured round trip by carrier (excess insurance may require additional fees)
  • High-resolution digitization of physical photos
  • Basic scratches & flaws removed
  • Fading and contrast improved
  • Basic color shift correction
Starting @ $149
Full Restoration All of the above, plus:
  • Extensive repair and removal of damage
  • Full-color correction or colorization of black and white photos
Starting @$249
Family Photos Bulk high-resolution digitization of printed photos.
  • Local round trip courier included
  • Includes online download of all photos
  • Delivery on USB drive or CD/DVD +$19
$99 for 1st 50 then 50¢ ea.
Artwork or Painting Digitization High-resolution digitizing of larger prints or artwork.
  • Medium format (Longest edge between 12" and 20")
  • Large format (Longest edge larger than 20")
  • Mega Format (Longest edge larger than 48")
Starting @ $79

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Services from other categories like Commerical, Headshots, Cosplay & more include these retouching services in their quotes at no additional cost. This page is for services on your own existing photos.