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Our photo booth experience is top-notch, with the best prop and background collections. We can even do GREEN SCREEN to drop in any background you can dream of!

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Change the worldIt is our personal mission to change the world and leave it better than we found it. So, beginning in 2020, we're donating 100% of our profits from photo booth rental to local humanitarian, community, and animal charities.

Our photo booth system and dedicated graphics team lets you choose from:

"Finding Fishie" custom designed theme for birthday party!
  • Virtually ANY backdrop and theme you could dream up! Our team can custom design just about any backdrop and prop package just for you, including deluxe custom-designed physical backdrops and decor or custom-designed digital green screen backgrounds. 
  • Choose between physical backdrops, or state of the art green-screen technology allowing us to “drop-in” any digital themed background of your choice, which can be custom designed for your event. 
  • Custom designed prints collage frames or overlaid message banners (“Happy Birthday Chris!” or “Jones Family Reunion”) just for your event!

We pride ourselves on our prop collection and strive to have the best kits you’ll find anywhere! Choose from a wide variety of deluxe prop kits for your event, including:

Photo Booth Props
  • Silly Hats
  • Christmas
  • Superhero
  • Pirates
  • Halloween
  • Americana
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Finding Fishy
  • Golden Awards
  • Wizard School  & more!
No webcams or tablet cameras on our watch!

Professional Photo Booth EquipmentWe use professional lighting equipment and a full-size DSLR camera and lenses, to ensure your guests look their best. We use state of the art “green screen” technology and top of the line “dye-sublimation” photo printers to ensure the best glossy prints arrive almost instantly.

Our professional photographers know how to make your guests look their best!
Photo Booth Rental by HeyPixel™
Fully Attended by a Professional Photographer.

We are experienced in both the technicalities of photography equipment and posing models! Most companies now days just come in and set up some equipment and leave you to operate it yourself. Our staff will set up, operate, and take down the entire thing so you don’t have to lift a finger! It’s better this way.
  • Technology is unreliable. Snafus can happen. We’ll be there to make sure you don’t have to deal with it if something happens.
  • It’s a scientific fact that photographers make you look better in photos! We’re a friendly guide for the guest’s pose and style.
  • We’re fun people, really! We help get your guests pumped up for their pictures!  Because our photo booth is basically a full-size studio, we’re there to clean it up, not you.

Our dye sublimation prints are the highest quality glossy prints you will find anywhere. Choose from:

  • Full size prints up to 4″ x 8″ (example)
  • Multi-pose collage prints with custom collage designs (example)
  • Multi-pose “old fashioned photobooth” style strip prints with custom message (example)
  • Optional 3D souvenir quality lenticular prints with themed background and special effects

Our Photo Booth has the capability for your guests to share their own photos with anyone, anywhere, anyhow!

Social Media SharingOur sharing kiosks allow sharing photos via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS Text Message, Email and even print out extra mini copies of their photos!

We recommend requesting a quote for a personalized package, tailored just for you, but if you prefer, choose a pre-made package below:
  Package One: Basic Package Two: Standard Most Popular! Package Three: Deluxe
  $489 $595 $795
  Great for birthday parties, family reunions & more Perfect for most events, including promotional & corporate events, school dances & more Ideal for weddings, proms, formal events & more
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Photo Booth Time Up to 3 Hours Up to 3 Hours Up to 5 Hours
Professional Photographer ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Professional Assistant ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Professional Lighting & Equipment ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Unlimited Poses & Prints ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
FREE Social Media Sharing Kiosks 1 2 3
Travel, Setup & Breakdown (See Service Area) ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Backgrounds Included (See Examples) Choice of Stock Digital Green Screen Backgrounds or Custom Designed Backgrounds or Basic Physical Backdrops or Custom Designed Physical Set Pieces.
Custom Designed Message/Brand On Prints Simple Message Custom Designed Message or Logo & Tagline Custom Designed Message or Logo & Tagline
Choice of Prop Kits (See Examples) Basic Large Kit AND 1 Deluxe Themed Kit  AND up to 2 Deluxe Themed Kits AND up to 4 Deluxe Themed Kits
Choice of Print Styles (See Examples) Choice of: 4x6" Prints or, Classic "Photobooth Strips" Choice of: 6x8" Prints or, 4x6" Prints or, Classic "Photobooth Strips"
Choice of: 6x8" Prints or, 4x6" Prints or, Classic "Photobooth Strips"
Access to Photos After Event Private Online Gallery Private Online Gallery
Sharable Online Gallery & USB Drive
Number of Guests Up to 100 Up to 300
Up to 500
Additional Options for Fun!
Additional Photo Booth Time (If your package doesn't have enough time, pay by the hour.) $99/hr $99/hr
Additional Prop Kits One kit not enough? Add more! We have thousands of props available! $25/ea $25/ea
8 ft Showcase Screen Shows off a live feed of your guests having fun to the entire room on a giant 8x4 foot screen! Projection screen requires a dim room. Additional $99 Additional $99
Additional $99
USB Drive of All Photos Your photos will be available online the next day, but you could have them on a USB drive before we leave!  Additional $25 Additional $25
Souvenir Photo Frames Your guest's prints can go home in an attractive protective frame. They can even be custom printed for your event! (Requires lead time.) Starting @ $89 for 100 frames Starting @ $89 for 100 frames
Starting @ $89 for 100 frames
Professional Facepainting Artist Your guests can have their face painted with spectacular art! $49 per hour of operation $49 per hour of operation
$49 per hour of operation
Professional Stylist & Makeup Artist Is your event made for Glamour? A Professional Stylist and Makeup Artists can help them look chic for the camera!  $49 per hour of operation $49 per hour of operation
$49 per hour of operation
Idle Time If your event requires us to have the booth setup more than 1 hour prior to operating the photo booth, or break down more than 1 hour after closing the photo booth, idle time is billed at a discounted rate. $50/hr $50/hr
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Prices do not include a 9.5% sales tax.

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