Spiderman Cosplay Photography by HeyPixel™ Photography.

Cosplay Photography

Cosplay is one of our passions too and we started doing cosplay photography because we were doing it anyway for our friends! It's some of the most personally rewarding work we do and whether you need special effects or simple studio shots, or even on-location photos, we've got you covered. We'd love to hear about your project! 

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We offer full photography services for cosplayers! On location, at your place, or ours, we’ve got options that you can afford:

Please Note: This is only a guide of what to expect and not a formal price list. Request a Quote to find out exactly what your shoot would cost.
    • Session Fee: $125 – in studio, $195 on location, 1 hour photoshoot. $40 each additional hour.  Unlimited costumes per session!
    • Includes delivery 4 to 6 of your best finalized digital photos for your unlimited personal use.
    • Choose between practical (real) backgrounds or special effect green-screen backgrounds.
    • Includes basic retouching services for up to 6 photos. (Skin, hair, color, lighting, cropping, etc. Like example 3 above)
    • Additional retouching and compositing, $25 per hour. (Spider Man, Coco, Robin examples were about 2 hours each photo.)

Additional services too!

    • Full digital manipulation of your photos, including composite backgrounds, extensive retouching, environment fabrication and more (Like Robin, Spider Man, & Coco above.) – Starting at $25 per hour. (Typically 2-3 hours per photo.)
    • Hollywood style green-screen backgrounds! We can digitally composite any background into your photos on the fly! This allows you to have any environment with minimal retouching required. Equipment rental starts at $25 per session.
*Public shooting locations may require a fee and permit from local authorities. We’ll make all the arrangements required, but any fees involved will be added to your invoice. Additional licensing fees may apply for photos used in print merchandise for sale.

Below you can see some of our work.

All characters are trademarks of their respective owners. HeyPixel™ Photography does not create these characters for our photos.

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