Frequently Asked Questions

No matter what service you are looking for, our goal is to provide the best experience possible. If you've got questions, the answer is probably here!

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How much does it cost?

That depends on the event details - A general rule is $99 per hour, but your price may vary depending on your event situation. You can request a free accurate quote here.

Is there a minimum event time?

Yes, the minimum is 2 hours of photo booth time. (Not including setup and breakdown)

I have a special request. Can you do it?

Absolutely, we custom design the entire experience based on your event! Request a free quote and include the details of your request and we'll be happy to work on it for you.

How big is the booth?

It can vary depending on your event, whether you include props in your rental and what sort of backdrop you have, but we generally require at least 12 ft by 12' of space to ensure a comfortable experience for your guests. Also, keep in mind that at most events, group photos are extremely popular and the more space we have, the more people can fit in the photo.

What props do you offer?

You can find our prop list here.

What backgrounds do you offer?

We have both real, physical backgrounds and "virtual" greenscreen backgrounds. Check out our background page here.

How many people can fit in the photo booth at once?

Again, it depends on how much space we have at the venue. Generally, we can fit 10-12 people in a photo but the most comfortable limit is 8 or so.

Why do ask how many people will attend the event?

There are specific costs involved in how many people use the photo booth. We offer unlimited prints in all of our packages, which means that an event with 1000 people will print lots more photos than an event with 100 people.

I have another question that isn't answered here. How do I contact you?

If you're looking for information about an event you are having, request a free quote here. Otherwise you can submit a support ticket.

How much does it cost?

That depends on your project's needs. Generally, we charge $65 per hour for a commercial photography session, with a 4-hour minimum. There is also a retouching fee per image delivered, starting at $45 per image. Other costs may be related to the need for an assistant, distant travel costs, specialized studio rental, etc.

Request a quote to get an accurate price for your project! Do you come to me, or do I send my project to you?

That is entirely up to you, for the most part. It also depends on the project scope - For example, if you want us to photograph a set of wristwatches, we can do that in-house and you can send us your products. However, if we photographing a luxury vehicle or something large, we may either need to come to you or rent a specialized studio space. Request a quote to let us know the details and we'll discuss them in-depth!

Can I have your photos retouched by a different company/photographer?

Once the photos are delivered to you, you may do what you please with them. However, we provide finished, professional photos to our clients. To ensure your happiness and the quality of our work, all images we provide will be retouched.

Can I have all of the raw photos from the photoshoot?

As part of our agreement, we provide a defined set of final finished product photos for your service. Due to the overwhelming number of photos we take, and the purpose of our services, we cannot provide the entire collection of raw photos from your session. We often take hundreds or thousands of photos per photoshoot, and we do all the work of sorting through them and making sure the best photos get to you.

What kind of events do you photograph?

We do all kinds of events except for weddings. Concerts, theater, and themed events are our specialty. We will discuss with you in detail what kinds of image you would like from your event.

Why don't you do weddings?

Photography is best when it is specialized. We do not specialize in weddings. Our event photography specialization is on other kinds of events. While we could photograph your wedding and you probably would be satisfied, you deserve someone who specializes in weddings and to be delighted, not just satisfied.

This policy applies to traditional wedding photography only. We'd be happy to bring our photo booth to your wedding!

How much does it cost?

The cost of your project depends on the level of retouching you're requesting. More intensive retouching takes longer and will cost more. For more pricing information, see our Pricing Guide here.

What does retouching mean?

Retouching, also known as "photoshopping" or "airbrushing" is the art of improving a photograph either of an object or a person by means of using a computer program to remove "flaws" and "imperfections". In the old days, this used to be achieved by actually using an airbrush machine to hide flaws on a printed photo. In the fine-art world, an artist might use actual paint and brushes to fix flaws in a painting. Today we use computer programs to alter the digital photos before they are printed. Sometimes this process is considered controversial when it comes to altering images of people - as it can seem offensive to change a person's appearance based on controversial standards of beauty. We always try to approach these services from an ethical standpoint and correct only situations that are related to photography (Lighting, shadows, color, etc.)  than a person's appearance unless the person in the photo is specifically requesting to be altered. In the end, we want the client to be happy and will work with you to make sure your photo is retouched exactly how you want it.

Also, retouching is a common practice in commercial photography, to make sure merchandise looks it's best. While the focus of the photo is different, the process is similar.

What can I expect from the different levels of retouching available?

We offer five different levels of retouching. They are described as follows:

Level 1 Flyaway hairs, some blemishes, color, exposure and minor wrinkles. Approximately 20 minutes per photo
Level 2 All above, including most blemishes, significant hair retouching, more wrinkles. Approximately 40 minutes per photo
Level 3 All above, plus hair color adjust, skin retexturing, complete blemish cleanup, skin discoloration, minor facial reshaping, most wrinkles. Background changes. Approximately 60 minutes per photo
Level 4 All above plus significant facial reshaping, full skin correction, all wrinkles, makeup editing. Approximately 90 minutes per photo
Level 5 Everything. Complete retouching - Full digital makeup, full hair retouching or recolor, full body reshaping. 2 hours or more per photo (depends on project)
How much does a cosplay session cost?

It depends on your project - For a price guide, click here.

Can we do more than one costume in a photoshoot?

Of course! The fee is hourly, so we'll work with you for however long you need.

Who owns the photos in a cosplay photography session?

One of the biggest differences that put us apart from other photographers is we consider it a bad idea to claim ownership of photos we were hired to take of a person. If Agatha pays us to take photos of her, she should own the photos! It just doesn't make sense any other way. So, when we take photos of you in your cosplay under a service contract, YOU own the photos. The only thing we require is the right to use them in our portfolio.

How do you get our old photo(s)?

Depending on your location, we will either pick up your photos and handle them ourselves, or we will send you a pre-paid insured package to carefully pack your photos and send back to us. After digitizing your photos, we will return your photos with the same care we received them.

How do I know my old family photo(s) are safe?

We handle all photos with the utmost care while in our possession. Whenever possible we will pick up the photos ourselves to ensure the safe keeping of your heirlooms. If shipping is required, we will package your photos in the most protective method possible, and insure the package for a signifcant value. We will use UPS or FedEx to ship your photos to ensure they are handled properly.

Do you alter my photographs?

Not at all. The only editing we do is digitally , on the computer after we scan the photographs. You will receive your photograps back in the same condition which you sent them.

We offer wedding services through our photo booth rental service only. We don't offer traditional wedding photography services at this time. Our event photography specialization is on other kinds of events. While we could photograph your wedding and you probably would be satisfied, you deserve someone who specializes in weddings and to be delighted, not just satisfied.